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Why I Love Live Wedding Painting in NYC

New York city will always be a special place for arts of all kinds. It is a mecca for the visual art world, providing endless resources and inspiration, bringing artists to it's siren call from all over the world. Live wedding painting in NYC is no exception!

I grew up in NJ just across the river, where daily trips to "the city" were a way of life. My earliest memories of going to New York were when I would go to work with my grandfather. He owned a large company called Jones New York Coats. When I was young he would take me on special day trips to work, where we would drive to the park and ride and then take the bus, and then walk down Fashion Avenue to his huge office building that overlooked the Hudson. I would spend the day alternating between drawing my own coat designs at his partner's desk, playing in the showroom, or learning from the lead designer who was always kind enough to encourage my opinion on her latest fashion plates.

My foray into the fashion world did not end in childhood. In art school I landed an internship with the newest lead designer of Jones NY, and learned on a professional level what went into designing outerwear. I ended up working in the fashion industry in my first few years out of art school. Being in New York City was exciting, and I was proud to be working in such a coveted career in the best city in the world.

Now, as a live wedding painter living only an hour away from New York City, I have opportunities to paint weddings in some of the most unique (and most opulent) venues on the East Coast. From its dazzling Manhattan ballrooms to twinkling industrial coves hidden away in Brooklyn, New York offers no shortage of inspiration for a live wedding painter. With the volume of weddings taking place, there's plenty of opportunities to paint live at weddings!

If you are getting married in NYC, consider hiring me as your live wedding painter to capture your day from the unique vantage point of a visual artist. Your live wedding painting will capture the energy and essence of your wedding and incorporate the thrill of celebrating in New York!

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